About Knowmads

A Knowmad is a nomadic knowledge worker, a creative, imaginative and innovative person who can work with almost
anyone, anytime, anywhere.
John Moravec


Knowmads is an innovative business school founded in Amsterdam. Participants come from all over the world to learn, to develop themselves, uncover their strengths and become leaders and pioneers of positive change. With over 250 alumni and a large network of coaches, facilitators and professionals, Knowmads is an international community of people who are taking action to live meaningful and impactful lives.

Knowmads gives you the tools and skills you need to;

Better know and understand yourself. – Self awareness, Life Skills and Personal Development

Build strong relationships and partnerships. – Communication and Leadership 

Develop the right attitude and mindset to have a successful (work) life. – Entrepreneurship and Motivation

Bring value into life and what you do. – Social enterprising, Design and Creativity 

Bring your ideas into the world. – Marketing and Sales



Programs are run through workshops, real-life projects, coaching and peer-to-peer learning.


Programs are open to anyone older than 18.


During and after the Knowmads programme you can start exciting projects and do work and business that is fulfilling and important to you.  

Visit the testimonial and start-up page of Knowmads Amsterdam to hear what it’s like to be a Knowmad.

Knowmads Cape Town Testimonials
  • “What an absolute fruitful and informative programme for upcoming entrepreneurs. It’s a must attend programme to discover yourself and where you would love to be”. – Ian (SA)
  • “The Knowmads program really helped me in my development and finding clarity what the next step in my career could be. The workshops were informative and fun and really create a group in which you can share knowledge and learn more about yourself and others. They are truly creating a positive change in people’s lives”.  –  Annemiek (NL)
  • “I was a different person from when I started the program and when it came to an end. I have gained invaluable knowledge, tools, skills and motivation for improvement and development on both a micro and macro level. I have a renewed sense of confidence, purpose and clarity about my own intentions and a greater understanding of the world around me. Along with a more effective and clear way of approaching problem solving and communication. After the course it felt as though I had known everyone for many years, we grew and learnt so much together and I feel confident that these connections will continue to flourish”. – Liz (SA)
  • “An exploratory connecting experience of being and doing”.  –  Sean (USA)
  • “The Knowmads Cape town program was a wonderful learning experience. I met an awesome group of people, connected to a sense of purpose and practiced some practical skills that will help me shape my business offer”.  –  Stephen ( SA)
  • “Knowmads Cape Town was an amazing experience. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt the impact of this inclusive teaching and training model. And the peer to peer learning was one of the best aspects of this. I think I’d call it learning in circles rather than pyramids”.  –  Stephan (SA)

Knowmadic Education

Life long learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self motivated pursuit of knowledge and skills for personal or professional reasons.

Human Centered

An education that focuses on you; your dreams, beliefs and values. Its about understanding yourself so you can live and work in a sustainable and grounded (centered) way.

Action Orientated

An education that is dynamic, lively and project based. Learn by experience and through workshops and be pro-active from your own centre.

Head, Heart & Hands

An education that stresses the value and importance of balancing multiple intellegences. Head (thoughts/intellect), heart (passion/connection), and hands (action).

Appreciative Communication

An education that recognises that judgements are our own projections that can be understood and changed through open and honest communication.

Power to Choose

An education that understands our curiosity, motivation and the reasons we do things. This education is for you, if you choose it. We trust the value of your decisions.


An education that takes the form of a journey. We invite you to trust in a process that requires you to let go, be brave and accept the complexities of life.

The Program

We run our second program in December 2017 on the topic, What’s Next?  This is a program for change, transition and wayfinding. Find out more

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